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  • Sarah Mayes-Tang

    Sarah Mayes-Tang

    Mathematician & Professor | Math + Education + Women in STEM

  • Gabriella Gricius

    Gabriella Gricius

    Journalist, editor and content manager. Works with yoganect, Bad Yogi Lifestyle Magazine and Global Security Review and PILPG — NL

  • Cristofer Maximilian

    Cristofer Maximilian

    Photographer and Educator living in the Pacific Northwest | Contributor at The Startup, Art+Marketing, and more | www.cristofer.co

  • josh bowles

    josh bowles

    trained in philosophy & logic; write programs; m.a. linguistics pursuing m.s. in math; arithmetic geometry wannabe. (anti)symmetry universe. NLP, AI

  • Margaret Paton

    Margaret Paton

    Education writer MTeach|GradDip Comm Mgmt |BA Journalism

  • Michael Tang

    Michael Tang

    High school math, science, physics, and special education resource teacher and basketball coach

  • Faiyam Rahman

    Faiyam Rahman

    "There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly." - Buckminster Fuller | www.faiyamrahman.com

  • Peter Flom

    Peter Flom

    Word person. Math person. Learning disabled adult (www.IAmLearningDisabled.com). 2E.

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